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Health & Safety and Wellbeing

In recent years we have improved our UVDB Verify scores in all areas to nearly 100%. We have always met the threshold requirements set by our clients but have driven forwards with an internal target of achieving 100% scores across the board. The requirements change annually but we hope to arrive at this target shortly.
The wellbeing of our employees, suppliers and clients are of the upmost importance to the business. Having healthy, happy and motivated people leads onto the success of our company and the other companies we work with.

Collaborative Working & Customer Focus

The business believes in collaborative working, we welcome early project engagement, collaborative planning meetings and assisting our customers to deliver the best solutions possible each individual project. Most projects we are engaged on we work with many other supply chain partners and believe in the open sharing of information and ideas to assist everyone in successfully delivering all of the projects we work on.
Our strong and stable financial position puts us in a great and reliable position to partner with. We have enjoyed over 60 years in business working consistently with our clients and building relationships based on trust and long term partnership.

Technical Competence & Continuous Improvement

One of our core business values is ensuring we maintain the highest standards possible, drive new technological advances and provide the best service to our clients. All of our engineers have vast experience in delivering projects successfully and this strong foundation of long serving team members is fundamental to delivering our company’s high standards.
The business has strict and well documented quality plans in place. These procedures are not stand alone or isolated statements, the plans cover all of our processes and cover projects from tendering, throughout design, throughout manufacturing and all of the aftercare support that is so important. We fully support all of products and installations throughout the 20 plus years of expected operation. All of our quality plans are available to our clients or prospective clients upon request.
All of our products are tested against predefined instructions and procedures. Quality inspections take place at various stages throughout the manufacturing and installation processes not just at the end. These processes ensure that all of the products and services are provided at the highest levels possible.
Working to such high standards and having such strict procedures has seen us successfully become an approved supplier to EDF for Nuclear works, we have been awarded all of the sea intake work for the critical cooling of the reactors at Hinkley Point PowerStation and look forward to more opportunities within the industry.

Investing in People

People are the company’s most valuable commodity, the company can only be as good as the people that it employs. We believe in investing in people and run apprenticeship programmes, most staff here followed this career path.

Environmentally Considerate

Over the years we have monitored our carbon data and have consistently year on year reduced our environmental impact. It is company policy that everybody has a responsibly to consider the environmental impacts of everything we do. Company run initiatives include the changing of lighting to LED, investing on more economical vehicles and heating systems to name but some. Staff lead initiatives include car sharing, reducing wastage and recycling.