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Case Study 1

Complete site wide upgrade of intake system control panels and field cabling

Scope: Design, install and commission a complete turnkey solution including:

  • Removal of existing field cabling
  • Installation of new field cabling
  • All necessary cabling containment (as shown above)
  • Glanding and termination of all cables at both ends including all cable identifications
  • Design, manufacture and installation of 2 off withdrawable MCCs including full software package to integrate with other site systems.
  • Full pneumatic install.

The installation for this project, carried out over a 3 month period, was planned in advance of a one week shutdown to allow uninterrupted operation of the intake system and included the running and connection of cables to:

  • 200 motors
  • 260 instruments
  • 210 valves
  • 2 MCCs, and 16 pneumatic valve panels

Full design was carried out off site and thorough testing completed to ensure seamless integration of the new system during the shutdown.