Max Wright Limited

G59 Export MCC

Capable of exporting 1MW to the National Grid

1600A Mains / Generator ACB's

2 off 132kW Regen Drives

Cooling the Tube Control Panel

Four Panels used in conjunction with one another to Control Cooling System

Part of a £10 Billion investment project for the "Cooling the Tube" programme for the London Underground designed to tackle the problem of heat on the tube. Our panel provides the control system for a mid tunnel ventilation shaft. Max Wright Ltd have supplied Control Panels for various stations for the Tranche 2 phase of the project. This comprises a Local Control Panel as pictured with 2 smaller Remote PLC Panels and a Cooling Control Station for operator manual control.

Sewage Treatment Inlet Works MCC

1600A Incomers & 292kW Starters

Due to this MCC being built as a replacement, Max Wright Ltd were required to install two 292kW Rotor Resistance Starter sections for which the resistor banks can be seen mounted on top. The original panel had been damaged due to long lengths of exposure to Hydrogen Sulphide and to prevent this from re-occurring, this MCC has been placed in a 13m x 6m x 3.5m kiosk in order to protect it. Due to the size of the panel, the MCC has been manufactured with a back to back arrangement to halve the length from the originally proposed 20 meters to a more manageable 10 meters. This MCC has now been installed on site.

Water Pumping Station

4 off 560kW 690V Intelligent Regenerative VSD Storm Pumps.

2,500A ACB Incomers & Bus Coupler.
This particular Pumping Station Scheme is a high profile flood alleviation scheme that has been designated of strategic importance to our client. The project involved four pumps, each capable of pumping 9000 litres per second with 560kW MCC Starters operating at 690V. In addition to completing this task on schedule, Max Wright Ltd were asked, after order placement, to ship one MCC starter section to Sweden to carry out a string test in conjunction with the pump supplier. This involved bringing forward the completion date of one starter section by two months, shipping it to Sweden, attending the test itself and then repackaging the equipment for return to our works and subsequent reconnection to the rest of the MCC. This whole process was carried out to the clients expectation, without any impact to the overall delivery.

2 Off 13.5kW ASD Submersible Sewage Pumps

This Two Pump Panel is designed to be mounted in a roadside Kiosk and located near areas with flooding issues. The panel is normally fed from the Mains but it can be supplied by plugging a portable Generator into a Panel mounted Socket. The two pumps work on a Duty/Standby roster with ‘Auto Duty’ rotation. The Panel ICA is responsible for controlling the two Pumps from an internally mounted Ultrasonic Level transmitter. The ICA also features a Float Switch Backup Control. All Panel Status Signals are monitored by the Panel mounted Telemetry Station.

3 Off 132kW Regenerative VSD Booster Pumps

This Booster Pump MCC consists of 1250A Mains and Generator ACB Incomers with Auto Changeover plus 3 off 132kW Regenerative VSD Booster Pumps starters, ancillary feeders and distribution. This MCC controls the three Pumps on a Duty/Duty/Standby roster controlling the flow through two 300mm Pipes. The MCC is complete with an ICA section containing a Mitsubishi PLC, door mounted HMI and Instrumentation allowing the panel to be run automatically with communication and control from a further remote Pumping Station if required. Each Pump can also be manually run from Local Pushbuttons and VSD Keypad mounted on the Starter Door.

800A ACB Incomers and Bus Coupler with Auto Changeover and Generator synchronisation.

This MCC in conjunction with the Separate ICA Panel is situated at a Gas Reception Terminal and is designed to treat Produced Water and Surface Water from paved area run off removing Oil or any other contaminants and leaving the Water suitable for return to the Sea or River. The MCC in conjunction with the ICA can be completely automated with interface to the Plants DCS system. Each Starter within the MCC is of the withdrawable draw type and can be removed entirely from the panel for ease of maintenance or replacement.

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