Max Wright Limited


Max Wright Ltd offer a variety of MCC's ranging from small single pump panels rated at less than 1kW Withdrawble Starter to Intelligent MCC’s with large VSD's (Variable Speed Drives) over 500kW. Each MCC is custom built to individual clients requirements. Usual starter types are Direct On Line (DOL), Assisted Star Delta (ASD), Soft Start and Variable Speed Drive (VSD). Panels are fully type tested, up to 4000A with 80kA for 1 second or 50kA for 3 second fault rating. Starters are either fixed pattern, or withdrawable. Usually panels operate at 400V, however other Low Voltages such as 690V can also be offered. In conjunction with our Systems Integration division, we are able to offer a complete industrial controls solution, specific to each customer’s needs.

Enclosures can be front or rear access, back to back, L or U shaped, top or bottom cable entry, Form 2 or Form 4.

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